Gourmet mushroom farming made simple.

Elevate your gourmet mushroom farm. Our empowering tools seamlessly manage alerts, track inventory, and optimize processes, ensuring streamlined and successful farming practices.

Farm management

The tools you need to stay on top of your farm operations.

Mushroom farming is hard, we try to help by offseting repetitive and data intensive tasks into powerfull software.

Harvest Tracking
Record harvest dates, quantities, and quality of harvested mushrooms.
Generate reports to analyze productivity and yield over time.
Inventory Management
Keep track of various mushroom species and their quantities.
Manage stock levels, update inventory in real-time, and receive notifications for low stock.
Task Management
Create to-do lists and task assignments for daily operations, such as substrate preparation, inoculation, and harvesting.
Notifications and Reminders
Receive customized notifications per strain. Cultivation windows, mixing substrate requirements and much more..

Pricing plans


Relevant for multiple users and roles in a complex farm. Full featured!

$69 / month
  • All features included
  • Custom requirements can be requested
  • Team size: 1 - 3 users
  • Farms: 1 location
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For large scale uses. Custom features, Multiple farm locations support.

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  • All features included
  • Custom requirements can be requested
  • Team size: unlimited
  • Farms: multiple location support
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Meet our team

We are small software business looking to grow with you.
We look forward to hearing from you!.

  • Frank Eiffel

    Software developer and Co-Founder

  • Florencia Roverso

    Customer experience and Co-Founder